Proud Manufacturer of the Lightning Line of Aircraft

Alpa Systems AOA 1860. ​ Head, Controller, and Pitot tube. 

$1000 OBO 

N320XS Arion Aircraft 2014 XS Demonstrator

150hrTT 160hp Superior XP320 

Dynon Skyview, Autopilot, ADSB, Garmin SL40

406ELT Garmin 796

$100,000 OBO 

Garmin GTX330 Transponder​ With Tray and connectors

$1500 OBO 

PMA 9000EX Audio Panel ​ with Tray and connectors

$1000 OBO 

Jabiru 3300 Engine ​ 27hrs TT!! SN2633. All latest upgrades from the factory, large thru bolts, hydraulic lifters, rollers tappets. Engine was installed new in 2015 to a customers 2006 Lightning for upgrade. Aircraft owners health forced the sale and part out of his aircraft. This engine is new not a rebuild. Arion did the installation at upgrade and flew the break in hours. Engine showed all 74/80 at last annual on compression. Comes with all jabru factory assy. 

$12,500 OBO

Avionics For Sale

EIS6000 Engine monitor  For 6cly engines. no harnesses or probes can be bought directly from GRT avionics. 



2009 Light sport Compliant EAB. 433hrTT​ GRT EFIS EIS6000 EMS Garim SL40 Garmin GTX327 Autopilot MK2 tail upgrade 

$84,900 OBO located @Arion 

​Aircraft Extras Fuel Level warning AEFG2 low fuel level warning controller

$50 OBO

Aircraft Extras Flap Controller​ FPS-Plus-NT Flap position and controller



2009 Zenith 601XL-B 67hrTT LSA Compliant

April 2017 Annual GRT EFIS EIS6000 Garmin SL40 Garmin GTX327 TruTrack AutoPilot

$47,900 Located @ Arion 


2007 LSA compliant EAB 155hrsTT 

GRT EFIS, Becker radio and transponder. TruTrack Autopilot EIS6000 EMS $74,900 OBO

Located @ Arion. 

GRT 6.5" Sport EFIS System. Single Screen ,Internal GPS, Vertical Autopilot commands, Pitch Servo, Roll Servo, Back up Battery. No harness-can be bought directly from GRT avionics. 

$3000 OBO 


2007 Light Sport Compliant EAB.  63hrTT  GRT EFIS & EIS, Garmin SL-40 & GTX-327 $79,900 OBO Located in WI

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