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**** Get a Lightning that is factory built, the SLSA LS-1, or an almost completed ELSA LS-1, or an EAB kit that can meet light sport rules, or an EAB kit that goes fast with the 120 HP Jabiru, or now you can build the Lightning XS to go really fast with the Titan 340.  You can truly have it your way! ****

Factory Built

If Light Sport is what you need but don't have the time to build your own, try the LS-1.  This factory built aircraft lets you choose your avionics, paint and interior without the time and skill required to build it yourself! 

Choices.  Our new airframe kit gives you the option of choosing your firewall forward package from three currently available.  This gives you the opportunity to create the aircraft you have always dreamed of!

Everything you need except a propeller, avionics, interior and paint.  You can build this kit to go fast or be Light Sport compliant by choosing the corresponding options.  If you already know you want the Jabiru engine, this is the way to go!