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Commonly Requested Jabiru Engine Parts
1394  NAPA Gold Oil Filter
6116  NAPA Gold Air Filter (fits Jabiru airbox)
3001  NAPA Gold Fuel Filter
D9EA  NGK Spark Plug
NGK NUT  Terminal Nut for D9EA
PI0525  Ignition Coil
PI10632N  Rotor, 2200
PI10642N  Distributor Cap, 2200
PI10633N  Rotor, 3300
PI10643N  Distributor Cap, 3300
KUBRP201-53710  Voltage Regulator
360-003  VDO Oil Pressure Sender
320-021  Oil Temperature Sender
PE01094  Exhaust Spring
4722094  Rubber Oil Line "T" fitting
935-300  Carburetor Floats- White
830-725  Carburetor Bowl Gasket
PW0009N Air Duct Grommet
13x5x6 Jabiru Tires- Nose wheel tire for -SP models; Nose and main tires for -D models and many Experimentals

The following probes are used with Grand Rapids and Garmin engine monitors (all U.S. built factory Jabiru aircraft):
CHT-12-01  CHT probe, 12mm ring (installed under spark plug)
CHT-04-01  CHT probe, 4mm ring (new style, screwed to head between spark plugs)
EGT-HCS-01  EGT probe

Jabiru Engine Parts

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