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Exclusive US Distributor of Jabiru Engines and support                 

Arion Aircraft Build Assistance Facility 

Arion Aircraft is Proud To Announce that we have been appointed by Jabiru North America to full fill all service needs of its Jabiru engine and aircraft fleet in the US. The previous service department has gone on to new adventures leaving a happy base of customers needing continuing service. With that said we will be handling all major overhauls for the Jabiru line of engines, top ends, upgrades, inspections, and anything else required. We also will be including service to the fleet of Jabiru aircraft along with other Experimental and sport aircraft we already service. To include annual condition inspections, avionics upgrades, repairs, general maintenance and more. 

Service Work 

When sending engines or parts in for service work. You must fill out a service request form and place it in the box with the parts to be service. Although we may have talked over the phone, parts don't always arrive when they are supposed to, and those unpacking them need to know where they go. if you have been provided a formal quote for service work, please attach a copy of that as well. Thank you

Experimental and Light Sport Aviation is our field of expertise. While we focus mainly on the Lightning Line of aircraft, we also provide services for all other types. 

We have A&Ps on staff to provide services such as: Condition inspections for Experimental and LSA aircraft, pre-buy inspections, Repairs, avionics upgrades, general maintenence. 

We offer a full builders assistance program for the Lighting line of aircraft. We also offer that service to kit builders of other designs. From just basic structure to Flying aircraft we can fit your needs.  We have experience building the Vans line of aircraft, we have completed full builds on RV12s, RV6, and most recently RV10. Other metal aircraft include the Zenith designs, 601,701,750. And for those interested in Bush planes we have built several Rans S7 couriers, S20 Ravens, and a few S19s. 

No matter what your kit choice is we can help your dream of building an aircraft a reality.