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Arion Aircraft, LLC offers build classes at our facility in Shelbyville Tennessee for the Lightning experimental or the E-LSA LS-1.

Building classes typically run a week at a time. A builder works with two experienced craftsmen eight hours a day for 5 days in each week. A complete and ready to fly aircraft takes 4 weeks. Proper techniques for bonding, fitting, assembly, hardware selection, and tool use are taught during the course as the builder works on his airplane.

Generally during the first week of class it is possible to complete the entire basic structure of a Lightning and have it ready for the paint shop. This does not include optional items, such as wing tip landing lights, or the speed fairing kit. During the second week of Structure build (pre-paint) the canopy is built, all fairings are finished, and the FWF is completed. 

Painting is the next step. Some builders will trailer the plane home after the first week and complete the painting and final assembly there. Most will use our local paint shop here in Shelbyville, and then return for another week of assembly at our shop.

If planning on building the entire aircraft with our build assist team, we ask that you use our well qualified avionics shop to pre-wire the panel. This will provide a bench tested plug and play panel for you and our team to install without hassle.

After painting, you and your Lightning return to continue construction. During the thrid week all major sub-assemblies are completed and ready for final assembly. The firewall forward systems are finished, and some avionics installation begins. The fourth and final week is the home stretch. The wings go on, the panel is finished, and a weight and balance performed. On Thursday night, a DAR from the FAA will come to inspect your new Lightning and if all is good, will grant an AWC. This leaves Friday to test fly your new Lightning for the first time if weather permits. Dont worry about the first flight, one of our qualified test pilots will take it up for the first time.

The final step in the aircraft construction is the test flight program to complete the required 40 hours of test flying. Builders have a choice of tailoring their aircraft, at home or completing the test period here in Shelbyville. As another option, Arion Aircraft offers a 40 hour test flight program where we fly off the hours and fine tune the aircraft for you.

Either way, Arion Aircraft offers, with the purchase of a Lightning 3 hours of flight instruction in our demo, on the house. We have an in depth transition training program designed to meet every pilots needs, to get you qualified to fly your Lightning.

Call Nick or to talk over the details and potential scheduling for the Builder Education and Assist program.

Builder Assistance