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Exclusive US Distributor of Jabiru Engines and support                 


Arion Aircraft is Proud To Announce that we have been appointed by Jabiru PTY LTD of Australia as the exclusive distributor for Jabiru engines and parts in North America. We will be handling all major overhauls for the Jabiru line of engines, top ends, upgrades, inspections, and anything else required. We also will be including service to the fleet of Jabiru aircraft along with the other Experimental and sport aircraft we already service. This includes annual condition inspections, avionics upgrades, repairs, general maintenance and more.

July 22nd  to July 28th 


N34XS our Titan IOX340 powered XS has finished its Phase 1 flight testing and is ready for Demo flights. 

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Lightning XS Update N34XS IOX340 180hp 

Nick reported a cruise speed of 165 kts TAS at 7,500' at 75% power (2500 rpm) on his trip to Sun n Fun this year. At this power setting he was burning 8.5 GPH. We think these are pretty good numbers!

To read Buz Rich's flight report of the Lightning XS N320XS the 160hp Demo from 2014 click here or go to the Press Room.