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Updates to builders manual as of 5/12/16. 

There are two new updates to the builders manual:

Section 9a - Tank installation for the 20 gallon tanks

Section 40 - Setting the main gear toe

Thanks for coming to see us at EAA AirVenture 2017!

The whole gang enjoyed seeing current builder and owners, and enjoyed meeting new potential customers. Thanks for stopping by the booth!

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Lightning XS Update

Nick reported a cruise speed of 155 kts TAS at 7,500' at 75% power (2500 rpm) on his trip to Sun n Fun this year. At this power setting he was burning 7.6 GPH. We think these are pretty good numbers!

To read Buz Rich's flight report of the Lightning XS click here or go to the Press Room.


Sun n Fun - April 4-9, 2017 Lakeland, FL