Proud Manufacturer of the Lightning Line of Aircraft

Linda Moran - Office Manager

Linda is our newest member to the Arion Aircraft team. She came to us by way of the trucking industry, but she is diving right in learning the aviation industry! Linda has many years of experience in office management and is a valued member of our team.

‚ÄčCleco - Assistant Office Manager

Cleco joined the Arion team as a young intern in the summer of 2008 and has been a trusted member of the office staff ever since. Some of her duties include greeting customers, guarding office supplies and pest extermination (the four legged kind). She has the additional duty as Moral Officer so she spends her days thinking up ways to entertain company employees. 

Jason Biggs - Build Center Lead, A&P

Before coming to Arion Aircraft, Jason worked for Jabiru USA as their Finish Crew Lead. He is also Arion's newly minted, resident A&P mechanic. Jason currently is the Lead for Aircraft Production and will also be the one who performs your annual inspection. During his off time Jason is an avid cyclist and, like Nick, is involved in flying RC models.

Nick Otterback - Chief Manager, Research & Development, Technical Support

Nick has been with Arion Aircraft since its inception. He was the driving force behind design of the Lightning and has continued to make improvements and changes throughout its evolution. During college Nick earned ratings through MEI and has several thousand hours of instruction given in his log books. Nick grew up surrounded by EAA members, all of which were involved in home built aircraft. Nick is currently finishing an RV-6 and he is an avid flyer of all type of RC models.

Mark Stauffer - Production Manager

Mark joined the Arion team in June 2006 after a successful 24 year career in the US Army. Mark initially managed the builder assistance program and was eventually promoted to production manager. Mark is a home builder as well, having built a Zenith 601-XLB, and currently owns an RV-9A. In 2014, Mark returned to school to finish his BBA in Accounting, and is currently working part time around his class schedule.

Dana Otterback - Financial Manager

Dana came on board the Arion team in May 2005. Initially she was the office assistant, but her organizational skills quickly came to light, and she eventually took over managing the company books. In December 2012, Dana completed her BBA in Finance and she continues to manage the company's finances.