Proud Manufacturer of the Lightning Line of Aircraft

Titan XIO340 


Prop Choices. 

Many propeller choices can be found to work with these engines. For fixed pitch we like Sensenich wood or Composite Ground Adjustable. 

We have tested Constant speed props as well. For the Titan or Lycoming Types, Whirlwind aviation makes the RV200 series light weight CS prop. For Jabiru or ULPower we have tested the Airmaster series. installation of a constant speed prop is sure to increase performance, builders must take care and planing for the extra weight on the nose during the build process. 

Cruise Speeds listed are at 75% power and 8,500'da, and at gross weight.

Lightning XS basic Specs

Jabiru 3300


UL 390/520is


Lycoming Types O233 up to O-320

115hp to 160hp 


Wing Span
8' to top of vertical stab
Cockpit Width

41" at shoulder

42" at elbows

Wing Area
91.0 sq ft
Gross Weight
1650 lbs at std. category
Fuel Capacity
40 gallons
Jabiru 3300
UL 390
Lycoming O-320
120 hp
160 hp
160 hp
Cruise Speed
130 kts TAS
140kns TAS150 kts TAS
180 kts
180 kts
180 kts
Stall (Full Flap)
40 kts 
42knts 50 kts
Glide Ratio
Climb Rate
1200 ft/min
1200 ft/min1500 ft/min
Empty Weight
850 lbs
915 lbs
1020 lbs

The Lightning XS kit has a redesigned forward fuselage structure that gives the builder the option to choose engines up to 180 hp. Taller landing gear for bigger props, bigger brakes, and 20 gallon fuel tanks are among some of the features of this new kit. It contains much of the same stuff as the classic but is only firewall aft. Then you choose from a list of firewall forward packages we offer to go with it.

These include the: Titan XIO340 180hp,  Lycoming type engines O233-O320, 115 hp to 160 hp, UL Power UL350-UL390is-UL520is 130 hp to 200 hp engines, or Jabiru 3300 120hp.  If you have a different engine in mind then you can save the money on the firewall forward and just buy what you need.

Lightning XS Kit